Fire Up Them Stoves!

    Baseball never has an off season anymore. Oh the players do but back in the day some players had to hold a job in the winter,those days are gone forever.
    Of course Mr Bonds is in another type of "hot water". I don’t understand why it took a Grand Jury four years to come to the conclusion he lied about taking steroids when everyone, outside of most Giant fans, knew he did something. It almost seems that someone, or some group is trying to take down baseball. Supposedly Mr Mitchell is going to release more names who tested positive for some kind of enhancing  drug and they had to make mention that eleven of the Free Agents this year are on the list.Maybe thats why A-Rod came crawling, begging, whatever you want to call it, to the Yanks. Maybe he wanted to make a deal before the "list" came out?

    The debate will go on forever. Does  performance enhancing drug help players play better?, hit better? The physical tools are already there but it can certainly help the mindset. How many home runs did Barry Bonds add to his total because he took something? How many did Mark McGuire add?  O.K. those 5-10 balls hit to the warning track a year may have went out. Argue all you want about that number, but all the other bombs would have gone 40 feet over the fence instead of 20 they were still bombs. I am sick of it, I am sick of typing about it.
So who is the favorite to win the World Series next year? We really can’t make a call yet cause teams are still getting rosters together. The Yanks are the early favorite in Vegas, that of course is based on reputation. Right now they have no chance of winning it all. They needed to sign A-Rod but who is going to pitch for them? Right now it is Chin Ming (Bob Stanley) Wang, Mike Mussina and twenty somethings. Good back of the bullpen even if Mariano leaves, much better if he stays. And let’s face it , with all teams middle relief and set up men are year to year, you never know what your going to get. The Yanks are trying to lure Johan Santana away from the Twins but that would mean giving up some young arms. They do need that horse, that stopper but here’s hoping they stick with a chance at the future. You’ll make the playoffs cause your line up will pound on most teams third, fourth and fifth starters but the playoffs are a different story. The winter meetings may shed a little more light on the 08′ season.
For now keep an eye on baseball something is always happening, excluding the bad stuff.


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