Curt, please retire!!!!!!

This is one of those blessings in disguise. Schilling did his job for the Sox, won two World Series, kept his post season record among the best in the history of the game but it’s over, done. He would be a below .500 pitcher this year with his 88 MPH fastball and horrible splitter. When you have three kids waiting in the wings (Buckholtz, Masterson and Bowden) all of whom have an abundance of talent why would you sign him anyway. Now Buckholtz gets his chance and the other two are not far behind.
Now if we can get Wakefield to retire we would not have to put up with Mirabelli anymore and wouldn’t have to worry about Wakefield giving up a Sox 4 run lead in 2 1/2 minutes when his knuckler flattens out. Let the kids pitch, we are so worried about pitch counts and arms, Remember when Louie Tiant threw 165 pitches in game one of the 75′ series, his arm was fine. Remember when the White Sox won the WS when all their starters threw a ton of pitches and innings, ARMS GET STRONGER WITH WORK. Why do you think they are trying to strengthen the muscles around the rotator cuff for Schilling?, wel throwing does that as well. I am not sying let those kids throw 250 inning but as they said in the Bad News Bears, "let them play…..let them play"
Great job by the Sox signing Kielty, he would be a very valuable player, it all rides on the fact that they trade Coco. That will be hard to do, his value is down, not because he is a bad player but the other teams know they have Ellsbury and there is no where to play him. They would have to eat a lot of his salary. One other signing that may be a sleeper. Dan Kolb, this guy had 60 saves for the Brewers in 03′-04′. And maybe Craig Hansen,after his surgery to correct Sleep Apnea, will reach his potential he was thought to have and dont count out the big man Edgar Martinez contributing to that bullpen
Less then one week before pitchers and catchers report, is there anything better?



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