Baseball is Back!

As I write I am getting Direct TV installed, have to have NESN HD for the Sox. Best of all we get a temporary opening of baseball season tomorrow 6am EST. I have this funny feeling that this year the Yanks are really gong to tank, I think they will get out fast and do a past Red Sox move and fall in August., just a feeling.

the Yanks maybe the third best team in the division, I believe that Toronto if they stay healthy has the best pitching in the league. A healthy Halliday, Burnett, and Ryan gives then some solid stars. Accardo and Downs can be good setup men and if they get anything out of Marcum or McGowan they could be tough, they will score runs.

Watch out for the Devil Rays, Kazmir as always will be on and off the DL. We know he will come off intime to beat the Redsox 4 or 5 times. Garza has potential. They could have a good offense, you heard it here, BJ Upton will win an MVP Award at some point he is that good.

Orioles, well, last place.

Sox, tough to repeat, Beckett is the real deal, Dice-K has to learn to pitch inside and abandon his cutter. Lester is very good, will break as many bats as any pitcher in baseball, has no fear of coming inside, when his curve ball is working, his stuff is, ‘cy young"like. Ellsbury will shine and Lowrie is a star waiting in the wings. Anyone want Coco and Lugo??????

Hey, what ever happens baseball is back!!!!


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