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Baseball is Back!

As I write I am getting Direct TV installed, have to have NESN HD for the Sox. Best of all we get a temporary opening of baseball season tomorrow 6am EST. I have this funny feeling that this year the Yanks are really gong to tank, I think they will get out fast and do a past Red Sox move and fall in August., just a feeling.

the Yanks maybe the third best team in the division, I believe that Toronto if they stay healthy has the best pitching in the league. A healthy Halliday, Burnett, and Ryan gives then some solid stars. Accardo and Downs can be good setup men and if they get anything out of Marcum or McGowan they could be tough, they will score runs.

Watch out for the Devil Rays, Kazmir as always will be on and off the DL. We know he will come off intime to beat the Redsox 4 or 5 times. Garza has potential. They could have a good offense, you heard it here, BJ Upton will win an MVP Award at some point he is that good.

Orioles, well, last place.

Sox, tough to repeat, Beckett is the real deal, Dice-K has to learn to pitch inside and abandon his cutter. Lester is very good, will break as many bats as any pitcher in baseball, has no fear of coming inside, when his curve ball is working, his stuff is, ‘cy young"like. Ellsbury will shine and Lowrie is a star waiting in the wings. Anyone want Coco and Lugo??????

Hey, what ever happens baseball is back!!!!


Curt, please retire!!!!!!

This is one of those blessings in disguise. Schilling did his job for the Sox, won two World Series, kept his post season record among the best in the history of the game but it’s over, done. He would be a below .500 pitcher this year with his 88 MPH fastball and horrible splitter. When you have three kids waiting in the wings (Buckholtz, Masterson and Bowden) all of whom have an abundance of talent why would you sign him anyway. Now Buckholtz gets his chance and the other two are not far behind.
Now if we can get Wakefield to retire we would not have to put up with Mirabelli anymore and wouldn’t have to worry about Wakefield giving up a Sox 4 run lead in 2 1/2 minutes when his knuckler flattens out. Let the kids pitch, we are so worried about pitch counts and arms, Remember when Louie Tiant threw 165 pitches in game one of the 75′ series, his arm was fine. Remember when the White Sox won the WS when all their starters threw a ton of pitches and innings, ARMS GET STRONGER WITH WORK. Why do you think they are trying to strengthen the muscles around the rotator cuff for Schilling?, wel throwing does that as well. I am not sying let those kids throw 250 inning but as they said in the Bad News Bears, "let them play…..let them play"
Great job by the Sox signing Kielty, he would be a very valuable player, it all rides on the fact that they trade Coco. That will be hard to do, his value is down, not because he is a bad player but the other teams know they have Ellsbury and there is no where to play him. They would have to eat a lot of his salary. One other signing that may be a sleeper. Dan Kolb, this guy had 60 saves for the Brewers in 03′-04′. And maybe Craig Hansen,after his surgery to correct Sleep Apnea, will reach his potential he was thought to have and dont count out the big man Edgar Martinez contributing to that bullpen
Less then one week before pitchers and catchers report, is there anything better?

Blah Blah Blah

    O.K. so Senator Mitchell came out with his report. We read that somebody may have shot Clemens and Petitte in the *** with needles. A bunch of others also received their $3200 twin kits of juice. O.K. so now what? Hopefully they will just make it mandatory drug testing and an automatic 1 year suspension and in the meantime they need to work with drug testing companies and make sure they have ways around masking agents so these and any drugs are detectable through urine samples. I don’t understand it, they can create a baby in a test tube but can’t figure out how to create a test that works.
    So what happens to these players now? They will deny these accusations of course but it’s like an attorney in a court room who request to have testimony stricken from the records when they already heard the testimony, we are not computers, you cannot delete files. These accusations are in our minds and are their to stay. Yankee fans will cheer Andy Petitte when he wins a 3-1 game against the Red Sox and Red Sox fans will crucify him when he is pitching at Fenway. Nothing changes with those two events cause of this. Clemens, the man who so wanted to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee will do good just to get there. And he will go in as a Red Sox no matter what! If Bonds goes in, Clemens should. Miggie Tejada with a new start in Houston will be adored the moment he takes the field. This guy comes to play every day and I am not sure their is a guy who wants to win more them him. Other names will surface, many more will be rumored. Bottom line, everyone who wasn’t named got a pass. All hearsay, that is what we have. Make it so it is fact!

Angels making noise!!!

    The California Angels, or whatever their name is, has been the most active team so far this early hot stove season. They acquired Jon Garland for Orlando Cabrera, then they signed Torii  Hunter to play centerfield for them.
    The Angels have Brandon Wood almost ready to play short for them for what they hope is years to come, so parting with "O" was something they felt they could do to acquire a starting pitcher. Garland has had his moments but is a third starter at best. The Hunter signing was a bit of a shock since they spent money last year on Gary Matthews but he missed a lot of time last year including the post season and with MLB offices having a "talk" with him about steroid allegations maybe it makes a lot of sense. One of those guys has to play left field, Garrett Anderson is getting up there in years, Juan Rivera can’t stay healthy. And giving Vlad days off to be the DH is a good idea so there is enough playing time for everyone.
    How does a guy like Orlando Cabrera keep being moved? The White Sox will be his fourth team in four years (Expos-Red Sox-Angels-White Sox). He is winner, seems like a likable intense guy who comes to play everyday. Always odd man out? Red Sox fans still think he should be playing short for them. Add Johnny Estrada to the list of guys who change teams a lot, the Mets have him now, whats that 4 teams in four years as well? I have always had questions about guys who jump from team to team, if they are so good why is this?
    So the Twins now have a void in center field. Who is going to play there? Jason Tyner, Kubel? Or is there a trade in the works that would involve Johan Santana? I don’t’ think they will go after Andruw Jones, they could have spent the same money on Hunter. Maybe Aaron Rowand? another Gold Glover who is used to playing in the division. Won’t cost quite as much. I think they will go the trade route. If they are going to anti up some cash it should be for Santana but remember they have Morneau to pay for and remember Francisco Liriano? So trading Santana would make sense but where? The Yanks would love to get him, they could offer Melky Cabrera and one of their young pitching prospects outside of Joba. If that happens count on the Yanks making a move for either Jones or Rowand. Hey, they mine as well spend half a billion dollars this off season. As a Red Sox fan how about this deal, three teamer. Sox get Santana, Twins get Crisp, Craig Hansen and Joe Crede from the ChiSox. The White Sox get Jason Kubel and Jon Lester! The Twins want position players in return, they would have a center fielder in Crisp and they would get the third baseman they need in Crede. White Sox would get a starting pitcher and some much needed outfield help. They would only be giving up a third baseman they don’t need. The they could sign back Rowand to play center field. It’s fun playing GM.

Fire Up Them Stoves!

    Baseball never has an off season anymore. Oh the players do but back in the day some players had to hold a job in the winter,those days are gone forever.
    Of course Mr Bonds is in another type of "hot water". I don’t understand why it took a Grand Jury four years to come to the conclusion he lied about taking steroids when everyone, outside of most Giant fans, knew he did something. It almost seems that someone, or some group is trying to take down baseball. Supposedly Mr Mitchell is going to release more names who tested positive for some kind of enhancing  drug and they had to make mention that eleven of the Free Agents this year are on the list.Maybe thats why A-Rod came crawling, begging, whatever you want to call it, to the Yanks. Maybe he wanted to make a deal before the "list" came out?

    The debate will go on forever. Does  performance enhancing drug help players play better?, hit better? The physical tools are already there but it can certainly help the mindset. How many home runs did Barry Bonds add to his total because he took something? How many did Mark McGuire add?  O.K. those 5-10 balls hit to the warning track a year may have went out. Argue all you want about that number, but all the other bombs would have gone 40 feet over the fence instead of 20 they were still bombs. I am sick of it, I am sick of typing about it.
So who is the favorite to win the World Series next year? We really can’t make a call yet cause teams are still getting rosters together. The Yanks are the early favorite in Vegas, that of course is based on reputation. Right now they have no chance of winning it all. They needed to sign A-Rod but who is going to pitch for them? Right now it is Chin Ming (Bob Stanley) Wang, Mike Mussina and twenty somethings. Good back of the bullpen even if Mariano leaves, much better if he stays. And let’s face it , with all teams middle relief and set up men are year to year, you never know what your going to get. The Yanks are trying to lure Johan Santana away from the Twins but that would mean giving up some young arms. They do need that horse, that stopper but here’s hoping they stick with a chance at the future. You’ll make the playoffs cause your line up will pound on most teams third, fourth and fifth starters but the playoffs are a different story. The winter meetings may shed a little more light on the 08′ season.
For now keep an eye on baseball something is always happening, excluding the bad stuff.