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    O.K. so Senator Mitchell came out with his report. We read that somebody may have shot Clemens and Petitte in the *** with needles. A bunch of others also received their $3200 twin kits of juice. O.K. so now what? Hopefully they will just make it mandatory drug testing and an automatic 1 year suspension and in the meantime they need to work with drug testing companies and make sure they have ways around masking agents so these and any drugs are detectable through urine samples. I don’t understand it, they can create a baby in a test tube but can’t figure out how to create a test that works.
    So what happens to these players now? They will deny these accusations of course but it’s like an attorney in a court room who request to have testimony stricken from the records when they already heard the testimony, we are not computers, you cannot delete files. These accusations are in our minds and are their to stay. Yankee fans will cheer Andy Petitte when he wins a 3-1 game against the Red Sox and Red Sox fans will crucify him when he is pitching at Fenway. Nothing changes with those two events cause of this. Clemens, the man who so wanted to be inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Yankee will do good just to get there. And he will go in as a Red Sox no matter what! If Bonds goes in, Clemens should. Miggie Tejada with a new start in Houston will be adored the moment he takes the field. This guy comes to play every day and I am not sure their is a guy who wants to win more them him. Other names will surface, many more will be rumored. Bottom line, everyone who wasn’t named got a pass. All hearsay, that is what we have. Make it so it is fact!